Young Arts – Archive


Supporting young artists helps contribute to the development of creative, cognitive, communication and social skills. Our Young Arts volunteers actively support the local schools in their work and aim to give both recognition and to promote children and young people’s art.
Currently we have a good relationship with Sandwich Technology School, Sir Roger Manwood’s School and Sandwich Infants School. This has included supporting their annual art exhibitions and awarding prizes to GCSE and A Level students and to children at Sandwich Infants School.

Sandwich Infants School 2022

In April we were delighted to be invited, for the fourth time, to judge the All School Annual Art exhibition at Sandwich Infants School. Committee members, Mirahny Manning, Christine Ratcliffe and Cally Vaile had the joyous, but very difficult task of choosing the six ‘winners’.

The subject was Self Portraits which resulted in a range of expressive and creative paintings. All the participants should be congratulated on their work, as should the teaching staff who guided the pupils. There was a very high standard of work from children aged 4 to 8 years old. The winners were presented with certificates, and their achievement acknowledged at the school assembly.

The portrait paintings will be on display during Sandwich Arts Week at St Mary’s Church. (September 17-24th).


We are delighted to share the success of art students from Sandwich Technology school (STC) and Sir Roger Manwoods School (SRMS). A new award, ‘the Most Promising Art Student’ was chosen by the Heads of Art. The four winners included: Renn Hales (GCSE AT STC) and Cordelia Snedden (A level at SMRS).

The annual TASS and Mayor of Sandwich prizes were awarded to six students at (SMRS). These included Lily Beaman (GCSE), Max Hannan (GCSE) and Emily Hills (GCSE).

A selection of their work was displayed at the Sandwich Arts Week exhibition. It was of the very highest standard. It was a joy to meet the students, and witness the delight in their much deserved achievements.

Sandwich Infants School 2021

Once again Sandwich Infant School invited us to judge their all school art exhibition. The judges were committee members Mirahny Manning, Christine Ratcliffe and Cally Vaile. We were warmly welcomed by Head Teacher Elisabeth Wood and Head of Art Hannah Jackson. The topic was ‘the sea’. The 126 pupils had been introduced to life under the sea, including environmental issues. We were asked to select a ‘winner’ from each year group. This was a real challenge, as all the paintings were of a very high standard, vibrant and just a delight to see. The winners were presented with a certificate, and their paintings will be displayed at St Mary’s Church during Sandwich Arts Week. ( September 18-25). Thanks to Mrs Wood for inviting us, and enabling us to play a tiny part in the artistic life of all the young painters involved.

June 2021. We had a joyous morning at the school.

Sandwich Infants School

For the second year we were invited to judge and present prizes and certificates to eight pupils. Once again a very difficult task for Sue Fitzgerald and Pam May to choose from over 200 self portraits…which were then displayed at St Peters Church during Sandwich Arts Week.

Sandwich Junior School

We were invited to run a Workshop during International Week. The theme was on India, and the students created multimedia works of art using a range of materials. It was an informative experience for both the students and Sue Fitzgerald. A sample of the works was displayed at St Peters Church during sandwich Arts Week.

Sandwich Arts Week

For the fourth year we were proud to be invited to select prize winners from the Sandwich Technology and Sir Roger Manhoods schools at their annual GCSE/A level art exhibitions. The standard of art was very high as much admired by visitors to St Peters Church exhibition during Sandwich Arts Week. The prize winners were presented with their prize and certificate by the Mayor of Sandwich, Councillor Franklin at our lecture evening in October.